Accountability is connecting commitments to progress in a justifiable and constructive way, as the IAP 2020’s report explains it.

It has four pillars – Commit, Justify, Implement and Progress. Every single one of these pillars must be present – if just one of them is missing, the whole structure falls.

       Commit: all those who have commitments and a responsibility to act should be clear on their roles and obligations towards achieving agreed goals and realizing rights.

       Justify: decisions and actions related to commitments must be supported and explained on the basis of evidence, rights and the rule of law.

       Implement: core accountability functions of Monitor-Review-Remedy-Act should be institutionalized and implemented in a constructive way to facilitate learning and progress

       Progress: continuous progress towards agreed goals and rights should be ensured, justifying any reversals – this is the human rights principle of  progressive realization’.


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(IAP 2020 Report)


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For further details, please refer to the IAP 2020 report