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The world was already lagging behind when it came to the health of women and children. Now, #COVID-19 is making a bad situation worse. How can we hold our governments accountable? Read the report here #AccountabilityMatters #IAP2020
Accountability only works when it includes the voices and experiences of people and communities. Read the report here #IAP2020 #AccountabilityMatters
What do we mean by accountability?
Accountability is connecting commitments 🤝 to progress. 🙌.
#AccountabilityMatters in helping improve the lives of women, children and adolescents worldwide! Read the report here #IAP2020
Why do some countries who spend the same on health get better results than others?
The new #IAP2020 report offers recommendations to better utilize resources to ensure improved health for women, children and adolescents everywhere. Read the report here

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