The COVID-19 vaccine will be a test of accountability and equity

Patients waiting for treatment in Budalangi, Kenya at the Mukulba Health Center

15 DECEMBER 2020 – Health For All is a commitment to leave no one behind. In a new op-ed published today in BMJ Opinion, IAP members Joy Phumaphi, Brenda Killen, Giorgi Pkhakadze and Elizabeth Mason argue that vaccine equity must remain a top priority to turn that commitment into action to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

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28 October 2020

The Independent Accountability Panel is keen to learn about your experience of accountability, what your needs are and how they can be addressed more effectively.


Independent Accountability Panel products & activities on the occasion of the 75 UN General Assembly

Call for Evidence – IAP Report

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The UN Secretary-General’s Independent Accountability Panel (IAP) for Every Woman, Every Child, Every Adolescent invites your insights and contributions to inform our next report on the theme of accountability for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health in humanitarian settings. This will be our fourth report, following the 2018 report on private sector accountability, the 2017 report on accountability to adolescents, and the inaugural report of 2016. Submissions should be sent to by 1 April 2019.

Where are Adolescents, Excluded Groups in UHC Monitoring?

“Expanding UHC is a political process. It is about who has voice and power in defining health priorities, for whom, and how fairly they are financed. How many countries have policies to ensure people with disabilities, living with HIV, mental health conditions or in humanitarian settings are getting their share of UHC benefits?”, states the IAP in commenting on the Tracking Universal Health Coverage 2017 Global Monitoring Report, launched  at the UHC2030 event in Tokyo (12-15 December).

IAP’s 2017 Report at the Congress on Adolescent Health, New Delhi, October 28

On the occasion of the 11th International Association for Adolescent Health Congress  held in New Delhi, the IAP convened a symposium on October 28 to present the IAP’s 2017 report, Transformative Accountability for Adolescents, and engage participants on how to take the IAP’s findings and recommendations forward.  IAP Members, Dakshitha (Sri Lanka) and Giorgi Pkhakadze (Georgia), briefed the audience on the report’s main calls for action, affirming adolescents as the central promise for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Jordanian Ministers, members of Parliament, stakeholders join in national launch of the IAP’s 2017 Report

The UN Secretary-General’s IAP 2017 Report, Transforming Accountability for Adolescents, was launched by IAP Member Dr. Giorgi Pkhakadze on 18 October in Amman, Jordan, on the heels of its international release during a UN General Assembly high-level event  in New York.

Maria Jose Alcalá appointed as Head of the IAP Secretariat

The Independent Accountability Panel (IAP) for Every Woman, Every Child, Every Adolescent is pleased to announce the appointment of Maria Jose Alcalá as the Head of its Secretariat. Maria Jose Alcalá brings a wealth of experience in international development both at the UN and with non-governmental organizations in policy advocacy and strategy development. Alcalá will assume her new position on 4 January 2017. She will be based at the PMNCH Secretariat, which hosts the IAP Secretariat at the WHO in Geneva.

IAP releases its inaugural Report – ‘Old Challenges, New Hopes’

“2016: Old Challenges, New Hopes”

The IAP’s inaugural report was launched on September 18, 2016 in conjunction with the Partnership for Maternal Newborn and Child Health, the World Health Organization and Countdown to 2030. The report was also formally submitted to the Secretary-General at the Every Woman Every Child high level reception on the 20th September 2016.

Second meeting

The Independent Accountability Panel (IAP) held its second face to face meeting, since being appointed by the UN Secretary General in February. The IAP met in Geneva on 27th and 28th May with the main aim being to develop the IAP’s First Report, which is due to be published in September 2016.

IAP at Women Deliver

The Independent Accountability Panel (IAP) hosted a session at Women Deliver entitled Accountability for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health: The Every Woman Every Child Model. In this hearing style session the panellists shared information on the work of the IAP and gathered inputs and suggestions from the audience on the work of the panel.

First IAP meeting

Only three weeks after being appointed, the Independent Accountability Panel (IAP) and its Secretariat held their first face-to-face meeting in Johannesburg on the 2nd of March 2016. Panellists were very responsive as they are aware of the important task which lies ahead of them. Six members were able to join the meeting in person, while the three others joined online.