Dr Pali Lehohla is the former Statistician-General and former Head of Statistics of South Africa – he held these positions since 2000 up to October 2017. Dr Lehohla was the Chair of Africa Symposium for Statistical Development and Chair of Harmonization of Statistics in Africa. Dr Lehohla is the Deputy Chair of INDEPTH Board. From 2005 to present he has served in a variety of portfolios, including the following: he was a member of the UN SG’s Independent Expert Advisory Group on Data Revolution, UN Statistics Commission, Chair of Statistics Commission Africa, Chair of PARIS21 as well as the Vice President of the International Statistics Institute. Dr Lehohla was advisor to the 2008 Population Census of Sudan, he undertook a Population Census readiness mission in Afghanistan in 2008, and another one in Iraq in 2009. He served as an UN envoy to the Census of Cambodia in 1998. Dr Lehohla graduated with a double major in Economics and Statistics from the National University of Lesotho, and obtained a postgraduate diploma in Population Studies from the UN Regional Institute of Population Studies. He holds a senior executive leadership qualification from Harvard Business School. For his contribution to the statistics fraternity, the University of Stellenbosch awarded him an Honorary Doctorate in 2015.