Dame Carol Kidu was a member of Parliament in Papua New Guinea. She retired in 2012 after 15 years in politics.  She was the Minister for Community Development for nine years and finished her political career as Leader of the Opposition. During her political career, she focused on legislative and policy reform for social development in Papua New Guinea, with a human rights-based approach to development and a focus on marginalized and vulnerable populations. In addition to her Ministerial work, she established the Parliamentary Committee on HIV in 2003. Since retiring from politics, Dame Kidu has continued international and regional commitments as well consultancies in Papua New Guinea. She has served on the Board of the Commonwealth of Learning, the Pacific Institute of Public Policy and the international advisory Board for the Cairns Institute, JCU.  She founded and is patron of the Sir Buri Kidu Heart Institute, Ginigoada Bisnis Development Foundation and the Safe Motherhood Alliance (SMALL PNG).   She was a member of the UN Pacific Commission on AIDS; the Global Commission on HIV and the Law and a member of the Global High Level Taskforce on ICPD 2014 and beyond.  She is a Papua New Guinea patron of the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Research project of the Burnet Institute.